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  • Patch or overseed early with perennial ryegrass. Its rapid germination ensures sturdier seedlings going into summer.
  • Aerate the lawn to treat compacted soil.
  • Topdress the lawn with organic matter, if necessary.
  • Spread granular, slow-acting fertilizer. (This is optional if you fertilized in the fall or winter.)
  • When hot weather sets in, raise the mower to cut at 3 inches or higher.
  • If the soil is good, water only when rainfall is delayed more than 10 to 14 days. If the soil is poor and rain is scarce, water weekly.
  • Spot-treat weeds and patch bare spots.

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  • If soil is too acid, spread lime. (Wait at least two weeks to fertilize.)
  • Aerate compacted soil under turf, if you didn't in the spring.
  • Topdress with organic material or mow a layer of fallen leaves to mulch them into the lawn.
  • Just after Labor Day, seed or sod new lawns, or overseed existing ones.
  • Fertilize the lawn on or about Thanksgiving to promote strong root growth during winter.
  • Put out markers to indicate lawn edges to avoid damaging the lawn when you shovel snow.
  • Avoid walking on frosted or snow-covered lawns.
  • Purchase and use nonsalt de-icer for sidewalks and drives.
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